Book 15 - Oishinbo: Japanese Cuisine, Story by Tetsu Kariya, Art by Akira Hanasaki

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"The subject of volume 1 is Nishon ryori, or Japanese cuisine, featuring stories on subjects like how to prepare a proper dashi (broth that is one of the building blocks of Japanese cooking), or matcha (the powdered green tea used in the tea ceremony), or red snapper sashimi."

My take: Although this was the first volume in the series, this was the last one I was able to acquire, so I really didn't read the series in order (thankfully, it doesn't need to be). It's a good overview of the building blocks chefs use to make Japanese cuisine, and it really touches on the philosophy that drives, or should drive, the art of Japanese cooking.

Overall, I really enjoyed this series. I learned a great deal about the food I encountered when I was in Japan, and it helped me to appreciate better the thought and care behind really good cooking.

Number of pages: 272

Total number of pages read: 4012

Give it a rating out of 5: 5